Ethiopia Bombe W

Ethiopia Bombe W


Ethiopia Bombe W
Region: Sidama, Bensa, Bombe Village
Washing Station: Abore Washing Station
Washing Staion Owner/Producer: Asefa Dukamo Korma
Varietal:  74/158 74/110 and Setami 
Altitude: 1905
Process: Washed
Tasting Notes: Pear / Concord Grape / Stone Fruit


Earn up to 70 Points.


We’ve had a stellar line up of Ethiopian coffees over the past year and we’re excited to introduce you to fresh crop Bombe! This Bombe release is washed so we’re naming it BOMBE W, and it’s even sweeter than last year’s washed crop—with tasting notes of concord grape, pear and, stone fruit. That’s right—a fruit Bombe W 😉

Bombe is from the Abore washing station owned by Asefa Dukamo Korma. We haven’t had a chance to visit the village of Bombe ourselves—yet!—but our trusted partners at Catalyst Coffee share that producers of Bombe live high in the lush and lovely Bombe mountain valley. They are part of a member organization consisting of 667 producers in various parts of the mountain range, which also include producers from Bombe and Shantawene (which you’ll be seeing some coffee from soon!).

Catalyst has worked with this group since before it was officially founded. The last two years, these producers chose to process their coffees through the Bombe Washing Station to Catalyst’s specifications—the resulting clean cup and fruit forward flavours make this coffee truly outstanding.